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Humor & Crack Vids

More where these came from.

Title: 9 to 5
Author/Artist: ash48
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: If you view this one on youtube, give it a couple of minutes to load to avoid skips.
Summary: It's just another day at the office.
Reccer's Comments: Smoothly edited and ties right in to the show and the idea that hunting is the “family business.”
Reccer's Caveats: Dean will never forgive you if he learns that you associate him with a Dolly Parton song!
Link to the Good Stuff: 9 to 5

Title: See The USA (In Your Chevrolet)
Author/Artist: lapillus
Rating: G
Length/Word Count:
Reccer's Comments: I think it only fair that Metallicar get to star in her own vids and fics once and a while!
Reccer's Caveats: Another one where I don’t thinkDean will appreciate the song!
Link to the Good Stuff: See The USA (In Your Chevrolet)

Title: The New Face of Sexy
Author/Artist: lsketch42
Summary: You think you know sexy? I'll show you sexy.
Reccer's Comments: Most delicious and twisted crack!
Reccer's Caveats: Pretty darn sexy.
Link to the Good Stuff: The New Face of Sexy

Title: Out of My Mind
Author/Artist: wolfpup
Summary: Crazy... who says I'm crazy?
Reccer's Comments: It’s a very original concept and I was shocked at how well the chosen clips matched the song, “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha.”
Reccer's Caveats: I sincerely hope this isn’t prophetic for Season 6!
Link to the Good Stuff: Out of My Mind

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