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06 June 2010 @ 08:45 pm
Random AU Recs (Sorry, couldn't find a category within them!)  
Title: Blended Reality
Author/Artist: sg2009
Rating: K+
Length/Word Count: 25,159
Spoilers: for s4/s5
Summary: John runs into his sons in a bar. And they seem to be under the impression he's been dead for three years.
Reccer's Comments: Like the idea of this.
Reccer's Caveats: You'll wish it were longer.

Title: Clangs
Author/Artist: vee_fic
Rating: R
Length/Word Count: Two parts
Warnings/Spoilers: Language, scariness, and adult themes
Summary: A homecoming. A horror. It was just a stupid accident. It doesn't have to be any more complicated than that.
Reccer's Comments: Another way the Winchesters could've turned out. It somehow manages to break your heart even more than the canonical version.
Reccer's Comments 2: A compelling look at what might have been, if John had not taken up hunting, and the boys had never found that world. What Sam and Dean might have been and done and become. Which is real? The world with evil, or the world without it?
Reccer's Caveats: This really disturbed me the first time I read it. It's supposed to.

Title: now jerk that pistol and get to work
Author/Artist: apocalypsos
Rating: PG-13
Length/Word Count: One part
Summary: The plus side of being in such a fine new place is that a man who can handle a deck of cards and a loaded pistol with the same deadly precision can manage just fine.
Reccer's Comments: I've always said that Supernatural was a modern western and this is proof that I'm right

Title: Five Times Dean Was a Girll
Author/Artist: teand
Rating: PG-13
Length/Word Count: 1,660 words
Summary: Refer to title.
Reccer's Comments: An intriguing take on how things might have been if one of the Winchesters wasn't a boy.

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