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17 May 2010 @ 03:26 pm
Submission Post #21 5-17-2010  
Our new theme is...

Humor & Crack

I feel like fandom could use some lightening up from the heartwrencher of the last few episodes. And now, with that behind us, perhaps we can find some room to breathe. Give me your gen humor and crack fics!

(You do not have to rec only according to the weekly theme. It's meant to be an inspiration, not a limitation. Feel free to share with us whatever gen you're loving, whether it has to do with the theme or not.)

Remember, this is a gen community, so no focus on romantic relationships. It's perfectly acceptable to acknowledge canon romantic relationships, or even OC stuff. But the recced fanwork should focus on something else. No explicit sex, no angsting about romantic feelings, not even in a subplot. Thank you muchly. For further info on what constitutes gen 'round these here parts, consult the Oracle.

Fic, vids, art, meta, graphics, crossovers, AUs, WIPs, angst, hurt/comfort, action/adventure, drama, wee!chester, episode-related, pre-series, casefile, humor, crack, schmoop, long fics, short fics, snippet, drabble, vignette... All are equally welcome here. Make as many recs as you want, in one comment or several. The only thing that's frowned on is self-reccing. Show your favorite fic writer (or artist, or vidder, or picspammer, or music compiler, or...) some love. Mods reserve the right to edit recs as necessary--for spelling/grammar, adding caveats, that sort of thing.

Please use the following format. It makes things a lot easier for the mods.

If you use coding, please please please please please make sure the textarea tag is there at the beginning of your rec. And please remember to type after the /b tags instead of inside them. Thanks!

Rec Category: (E.g., fic, vid, art, icon post, weechester/preseries, humor, hurt/comfort, casefile, episode-related, crossover, au, futurefic--basically, anything you think will help us sort it all into a list. The more the better.)
Title: (Untitled also works.)
Author/Artist: (Whichever applies.)
Rating: (There shouldn't be anything NC-17 here, since we're not doing explicit sex, but anything else goes.)
Length/Word Count: (I.e., exact word count if provided by the author or your best guess--long, short, ficlet, drabble. Can leave blank for art/icon posts.)
Warnings/Spoilers: (As much as is reasonable, but especially mention anything that might be triggery.)
Summary: (If applicable.)
Reccer's Comments: (Why is this work so worthy of gen love?)
Reccer's Caveats: (E.g., "Dean hooks up with a waitress" or "this fic is marked as Dean/Castiel pre-slash, but it reads as gen to me" or "Sam/Dean if you squint really hard" or "some iffy grammar and spelling in places, but I enjoyed it anyway". Can leave blank if it doesn't apply)
Link to the Good Stuff: (Otherwise how can we post it? D:)

Handy-dandy copypasta! Easy to use--just click in the text box below, ctrl-a + crtl-c to copy, then click "leave a comment", ctrl-v, and it's all right there! (Or, for you weirdo Mac users, apple-a, etc.) You can edit the header info, if you want, to match what you're reccing (i.e., delete "artist" if it's a fic, etc.), and if you want to go ahead and put the link up in the title, that's okay too. Just don't forget it, that's all.

Copy-pasting this format into the comments will preserve the html coding so the mods don't have to redo it. Before you post your comment, just delete that space in the final textarea tag. (I had to leave the space, otherwise it messed up the code in this post.) Thank you very much!

Comments are screened. When you're finished, it should look something like this:

Current progress: 10/30

This post will be closed whenever I feel like it. Probably about a week from now, but who knows? I'm very forgetful lately.