maychorian (maychorian) wrote in spngenlove,

Suggestion Box

So, uh, you know, sometimes the mods can get a little fried. The stars aligned this week in such a way that both mimblexwimble and I were sick at the exact same time. It was awesome. It's also sorta maybe why things have been just a tiny bit slapdash this week. (But Free for All was a good idea for the theme, right? Just because I couldn't come up with anything good...)

So here is a suggestion box. If you have ideas for themes, whether for the weekly recs or for the commentfic memes, drop them here. If you have an idea for improvements around the comm, drop them here. If you know how to make the layout look good... TELL ME HOW AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER.

::clears throat:: Anyway. This'll be open to anyone. And thanks in advance for anything you have to offer. This group is crazy awesome and wonderfully creative, and I feel blessed to have stumbled into such a great group of people, truly. ♥
Tags: mod post
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